How will I access the training?

After completing purchase of the training, you will be sent an invitation email (within 24 business hours) to join our training portal. That email will allow you to set a password and login to the portal, where you will see your selected topics waiting. You can click on your topic to begin.

How will my progress be saved?

Your progress through your training is automatically updated. You can leave and return where you left off, as well as review earlier parts of the training, as you like.

I am purchasing for multiple people - how will each person access the training?

If you make a purchase for multiple people, we will ask you to supply the names and email addresses for each person. Each person will then be sent an invitation email to login and access the training (using their own login and password).

How do I change my password?

Within the training portal, there is an option to change your password on your User Profile screen. There is also a 'Forgot password' option to reset your password if you cannot remember it.

What software is required to access the training?

You only need a modern web browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, however you can use Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. You may also require software to read PDF files for some example templates. The training itself will run in your browser with no other software requirements.

What are the system requirements to access the training?

Our training is responsive to small screen sizes (such as a mobile phone in landscape) but we strongly recommend at least a tablet sized screen. A laptop or desktop screen will give the best experience. Our topics over use narrated slides or videos, so audio options are recommended. We also use cookies in your browser to remember who you are when you log in.