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325 minutes online plus 285 minutes of recommended offline implementation
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CLIENTS BY REFERRAL allows anyone to tap into the #1 client referral training experience at a low cost and in their own time, yet still benefit from a personalised approach and peer-to-peer learning.


Our online experiences aren't your average, old-school eLearning modules filled with ‘back’ and ‘next’ buttons. At Vue Consulting, we've worked with over 4,000 participants in our flagship CLIENTS BY REFERRAL Workshops before offering this completely online version. We know online learning can be successful, but we had to be convinced it could offer an experience to rival the best workshops. 

Once you are enrolled into CLIENTS BY REFERRAL, you will receive a dedicated login to the six interactive online learning modules which comprise the experience. You can then proceed at your own pace to explore and discover ideas, implement them in your business and compare your results with other participants.

Across those six modules, you will find…

  • 31 x sections with over 3 hours of information, templates and downloads

  • 32 x HD videos of an additional 2 hours of ideas, role-plays and interactive discussions

  • 8 x on-the-job activities to focus your next steps in the implementation process

  • A personal journal which automatically captures your key discoveries and private notes

  • Over 200 insights highlighting key information, ready to be added to your personal journal

  • Peer-to-peer learning to review discoveries, successes and challenges from other participants

  • Professional Development certificates upon completion of each module

The design of our online learning modules allows them to act as both (a) an initial interactive learning experience and then (b) a quick-access reference portal for future use. With the ability to email yourself a copy of your personal journal you also have an effective method to take your online intentions and turn them into offline actions.

Each online module is also filled with peer-to-peer learning. You’ll see how other participants have examined the ideas, compare their discoveries to your own, see the choices they make in key topics and learn from their successes. It brings the feeling of a workshop into an online learning experience.



This topic is about why so many professionals struggle with client referrals – because they are relying on myths, not facts. In this topic we examine the common myths behind client referrals and reveal how client referrals really work. This is the perfect topic to begin exploring the Clients By Referral® experience.


This topic is about the main focus of your referral discussions with clients – educating clients about who you want to be referred to. We examine a concept called ‘referral profiles’ and show you how to develop short, effective and memorable descriptions of your ideal clients. Once you have your referral profiles, you will be ready to start discussing referrals with clients.


This topic is about helping you find a set of comfortable, yet effective, phrases to use with your clients when discussing referrals. You should have completed topic 2 (Profiles) and have your referral profiles ready to go. In this topic you will develop a ‘discussion roadmap’ to give you confidence and direction in your referral discussions.


This topic is about finalising your discussion roadmaps so you can handle any situation. The first situation we examine is when you receive a referral! We look at how you manage this process to a high quality introduction. We then review example referral discussion and look at how to handle some unusual situations.


This topic is about creating a referral process in your business. While your referral discussions are the centrepiece, they need support both before and after the event. So in this topic we look at issues of timing of discussions, prompts and reminders for discussions and marketing ideas to promote referrals with your clients before and after your discussions.


This topic is about wrapping up your entire client referral process. We look at several best practices among top professionals who regularly receive referrals. You can also compare your referral process to several example businesses and how they implemented and adapted ideas from this experience.


“For most businesses, client referrals are the single most valuable source of new business. A clearly defined, effective strategy for encouraging client referrals can have a significant impact on your reputation and growth rate.”

“Having undertaken this course, I am now confident that I have a structured process that will assist my business in asking for and receiving referrals.”

“The course is tailored so that it doesn't impact significantly to work time whilst still being able to interact with feedback from other professionals. The constant feedback and reminders were also really helpful in keeping me accountable.”

"Receiving referrals is something we had talked about as a business for many years, but with little success. This course provided me with the tools and confidence to put in place a genuinely repeatable, ‘natural’ sounding process to put referrals at the forefront of my clients minds. Probably the most important thing is that I’m comfortable using the process and discussing referrals with my clients."

“I had a fear of asking for referrals before undertaking this course. I'm now finding it less daunting and having a process and positioning it correctly really helps.”

“Without hesitation I recommend any serious business engage Clients By Referral to open their doors to new clients by referral.”

“This was a fantastic course! I felt that I already had a method in place to ask every client for referrals. During the progress of this course I feel I have learnt a lot of valuable soft skills that have carried forward into other areas of work.”

“The benefit of having, and understanding a flexible framework to work to cannot be under-estimated. By continually practising and refining the techniques taught it is amazing how quickly it becomes second nature.”

“The Clients By Referral training gave me the confidence and skills to ask for referrals and ask effectively to maximise success. During the experience while I was practising my skills I got some real success. Referrals is a subject I feel that I can confidently have with all of my clients with no awkwardness and my clients have been responding positively - I have already started receiving more referrals.”

"This course has a bewildering level of knowledge when it comes to absolutely anything referrals related. However it’s the way in which this knowledge is passed on that makes this course an extremely effective one."

“I found the training to be very systematic and engaging although fun. The video facilitation was thorough in the process and outcome of each exercise. I enjoyed learning the framework and I am looking forward to implementing it.”

“I've seen a lot of referral courses over the years, but I'd say this is the most professional and thought provoking course I've seen. The online modules worked perfectly for our National business.”

“Clients By Referral is insightful, engaging and memorable. The break down of the training sessions over a period of time was absolutely invaluable to allow the 'bedding down' of the process with clients and learn piece by piece the valuable tools provided by the course. The training environment was exceptional."

“This training was relevant to our business and had a practical component which can be used in our interactions with clients. Having a systematised approach which flows will allow us to discuss client referrals with clients.”

“Clients by Referral is an enjoyable and efficient way to develop a rock solid client referral process and at the same time grow the confidence to make it work. Unlike other experiences, I found this program easy to follow and implement, and I fully expect it will make a big difference to my business.”

“This is a fantastic course that has enabled me to integrate a consistent, relaxed and friendly conversation about referrals into my client appointments. It has been really well received by the clients and has already provided me with a number of referrals in just a few weeks since implementing some of the concepts the course recommends."

“If you do not have a really good referral process or the one you have seems wanting, then this course is for you. Excellent material, system and facilitator. I now feel comfortable with referrals and more to the point so do my clients.”

“I found it really refreshing to hear that straight out asking a client for a referral puts them on the spot and rarely works. So it was great for me to learn other ways in which you can promote you are looking for new clients in a more friendly and less confrontational way.”

“We are a referral only business, so asking for quality referrals is essential to our business. This course helped us put some processes in place that have made a big difference to the way we ask for referrals and making sure we turn the referral into an actual meeting.”

“Before the course I was putting my clients under pressure to find people to refer to me. After the course I feel that the clients can work with the referral piece at their own pace. Rather than focusing on getting new clients we are concentrating on helping people who need our help at a certain time in their lives.”

“Our business growth is driven by referrals, and whilst we have been receiving referrals from clients, there has been no system in place to ensure these continue and are of a high quality. The Clients by Referral training provides a common sense, practical approach to ensuring that clients are aware that we are looking for referrals, they should be thinking about referring family/friends, and the kinds
of people they should be referring.”

“This course helped demystify the referral process and made me realise the power to succeed with this and do well is in my hands! The online experience worked much better than I expected, offering the experience to benefit from peers,  all whilst still in the office which saved time and travel.”

“I was sceptical of more training in this area, as we have been through sessions with other presenters. I thought more the same, however this has been more hands on and practical."

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Additional Info

Vue Consulting
325 minutes online plus 285 minutes of recommended offline implementation

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